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We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

1. Can you make my Shopify site faster?

Yes, we can dramatically improve your website performance! We have developed our own technology to speed up Shopify Kernel Scripts. This method ensures that Shopify will be much faster than “out of the box”. Check past Video-Testimonials from our satisfied customers.

3. What's your guarantee?

We guarantee a Google PageSpeed Insights score of at least 70 for mobile versions and at least 80 for desktop versions. GTmetrix shows full page loading; a value of 2-6 seconds is good. Page loading on Pingdom is different; here, 1 or 2 seconds is an appropriate target.

5. Can you tell me about your process?

You’ll be assigned to a project manager who will take the lead on your project. We backup your live theme and do all the work on a new, duplicated theme. We will communicate with you throughout the entire project. Once done, we will provide you with a report showing an overview of what we did, as well as a before & after results and free testing period.

7. Can I make changes to the site while you are working on it?

It’s better to have only one person working on the site at a time. We work on a duplicated theme, so if you make any changes to your live theme while we are working, we will have to apply those edits to our new theme as well.

9. Will my site meet all the requirements that Web Vitals have?

Yes, absolutely. The Google Web Vitals ranking algorithm favours websites with higher loading speeds and we are one of the best to do it.

11. Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes. We recommend checking the site every month to keep the speed as high as possible. We are also open to discuss additional future support.

2. What kind of web services do you use to measure speed?

We use Google Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom tools.

4. Scores vs user experience?

Scores don’t always reflect the best settings, but the most important factor is the user experience. We have a lot of clients and projects, so we are in an excellent position to establish the best balance between scores and user experience.

6. How long does this take?

It can usually be done in 7–9 business days. During busy periods, you will be informed of the estimated waiting time.

8. Are the changes you make future-proof?

We try to future-proof as much as possible by editing the Liquid theme code and using JavaScript when applicable. Generally, the edits we perform are long-lasting. Also we include recommendations in the report to give you relevant information for the future.

10. Does your optimization work cover mobile, desktop, or both?

Our optimization work covers most of your site and all devices. Regardless of the device accessing your site, it’s the same code base, just styled differently according to the screen size.